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Stop wasting your time on paperwork and time-consuming tasks, ensure smooth invoice processing and focus on growing and developing your business.
Track the spend per contract.
Easily integrate new suppliers, products and services.
SmartOffice AP can be used by a single person serving multiple locations or departments.

Features & Benefits

Transforming manual tasks into automated efficiency

Three Way Matching
Automatically approve invoices that match purchase orders, invoices, and goods received notices.
Drastic Savings
Enjoy significant savings in time, money, and effort by automating invoice processing and reconciliation.
Multiple Logins
Manage multiple company accounts effortlessly with our convenient multiple login feature.
Store & Search
Securely stores all invoices for 7 years with advanced search functionality.
Statement Reconciliation
Reconcile supplier statements effortlessly, receiving targeted alerts for any inconsistencies to facilitate prompt resolution.
Price Watch
Simple tracking of all invoice prices for any unexpected changes, alerting you to potential issues.

Exceptional personal support has defined our experience with Smart Office AP automation. Their commitment to understanding and meeting our specific needs has made a significant difference in our operations. We couldn’t be more grateful for their partnership!

Andy Le Maitre
Group Financial Controller, Creaseys Marks & Spencers

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Questions? We have answers.

How does eliminating paper processes save my company money?
  • Material and Storage Costs: Eliminating paper saves on expenses for printing, ink, and physical storage space.
  • Efficiency Gains: Digital processes are faster and more accessible, reducing time spent on tasks so you can focus on your core business.
  • Error Reduction: Digital systems minimize mistakes like misfiling or loss.
  • Workflow Automation: Tasks can be automated, speeding up processes.
  • Collaboration Improvement: Digital documents enable easier team collaboration.
  • Environmental Benefits: Going paperless aligns with sustainability goals.
  • Compliance Risk Reduction: Digital systems offer stricter controls, lowering compliance risks and associated costs.
What is AP Automation?
Accounts Payable (AP) Automation revolutionises the traditional AP process by digitising and automating tasks such as printing and mailing paper invoices, matching to purchase orders and goods receipts notes, as well as supplier statement reconciliation. This modernisation accelerates payment cycles, enhances reconciliation accuracy, and fortifies defences against fraudulent activities. By embracing AP automation, organisations can not only save on costs but most importantly, reallocate resources to more value-generating tasks.
What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A Purchase Order is a formal document sent from a buyer to a supplier authorizing the purchase of specific products or services under defined terms and conditions.

Will SmartOffice work with our accounting and financial software?

Yes, SmartOffice can be connected to most accounting systems. The platform has over 40 direct integrations with. We also create custom exports and imports in CSV or XLS for all viable systems.

Can you integrate with other software?

We have integrations with POS systems, inventory management systems, logistics systems and many other vertical software systems.

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