Meet the Team

At SmartOffice, we are, passionate about innovation, and dedicated to excellence. Meet some of our team and discover the driving forces behind our mission to provide automated solutions that take the hassle out of manual tasks.

Paul Martin

Founder & CEO

Paul Martin is the founder and CEO of SmartOffice, where he combines his passion for innovation with a mission to revolutionise the business world through technology. At the heart of his approach is a commitment to customer success and employee empowerment, ensuring SmartOffice remains a leader in delivering groundbreaking solutions while fostering a culture of trust and creativity. Paul’s journey hasn’t been your typical climb up the corporate ladder! It’s been a series of incredible experiences. But through it all, one thing has remained constant: belief in the power of disruption and the importance of daring to be different.

Adrian Kelehan

Chief Product Officer

My career began in 1987, transforming Clondalkin Group’s financials through strategic restructuring. At Unidare plc and Europlex Technologies, I navigated complex financial landscapes, leading significant turnarounds and an MBO sale to Siemens. As CFO of Hireco (TL) Ltd, I merged finance with IT, boosting efficiency and revenue. Founding Inship Accounts Payable Solution, I innovated accounts payable processes, cutting costs by 90%.Now, as Chief Product Officer at SmartOffice Automation, I drive office automation innovation, leveraging my expertise in financial management, strategic planning, and technology.

John Hobson

Chief Customer Officer

John Hobson is an experienced professional with a background spanning customer experience management, training, consultancy, and technical training across diverse industries. Currently serving as the Customer Satisfaction Manager at SmartOffice Automation, John drives client contentment and loyalty by overseeing the end-to-end customer journey. With many years of experience, John is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and driving positive change within organizations.

Wayne Hough

Chief Technology Officer

Wayne Hough is a tech enthusiast and innovator who began his journey with a strong curiosity and self-taught expertise in software development. His key achievement includes developing an electronic document management system used widely across South Africa. Now a Partner and Product Manager at SmartOffice, Wayne is instrumental in enhancing product offerings and forging strategic partnerships. He combines his deep technical knowledge with a knack for technical sales, always focusing on innovation, client satisfaction, and achieving new levels of success.

Davor Matak

Customer Support Specialist

Davor is a dedicated Customer Support Specialist with a fervent passion for both technology and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. With a background in linguistics and language studies, Davor brings a unique perspective to the realm of customer service, understanding the intricacies of communication and the importance of clear, concise interactions. Driven by a genuine desire to assist others, Davor thrives in dynamic environments where problem-solving and empathy intersect. Whether troubleshooting technical issues or providing guidance on product usage, Davor approaches each interaction with attentiveness and a commitment to excellence.

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