SmartOffice for Managed Print services

Elevate your managed print services with automation

Unlock new levels of service and efficiency by integrating AP automation into your document management solutions.

The benefits of partnering with SmartOffice

Advanced Technology
Offer new and innovative products, supported by the experts.
ROI Solutions
Offer your clients savings in their outlay with digital solutions for a more efficient business models.
Cost Effective
Empower your sales teams with and easy to understand pricing structures and short selling cycles.
Subscription Based
Build annual recurring revenue with industry leading commissions. No minimum threshold.

Cross-Selling for Growth


Revenue Streams: Unlock additional revenue by offering AP automation to your existing clientele.


Customer Lifetime Value: Enhance the value you deliver to clients, extending your business relationships.


Service Expansion: Broaden your service range, keeping your business aligned with market needs.

Diversifying Offerings


Market Differentiation: Set your services apart with AP automation, attracting a broader client base.


Value Addition: Offer more to your clients than traditional print solutions, adding significant value.


Competitive Edge: Maintain relevance and competitiveness in a fast-evolving market landscape.

Enhancing Client Relationships


Deepened Trust: Cement client trust by solving broader business challenges with AP automation.


Operational Efficiency: Help clients achieve greater operational efficiencies, strengthening your partnership.


Consultative Approach: Position yourself as a consultative partner, guiding clients through their digital transformation journey.

For over 10 years now Cantec has been offering solutions to our customers to assist in their digital transformation – our managed print services are built on a platform which encourages less printing and more scanning, helping our customers create digital workflows for the sharing of information electronically rather than via printed documents. SmartOffice has allowed us to take this to a different level – their unique purchase to pay solution completely automates the cumbersome and time-consuming accounts payable process of our customers from A to Z.

Greg Tuohy
CEO, Cantec Group

What are the advantages for managed print services?

Comprehensive Solution

Deliver a unique blend of age-old reliability and modern efficiency, setting your services as the benchmark for excellence in your industry.

Digital Transformation
Fast-track your digital journey, transitioning seamlessly from analog to digital, and position your company as a leader of innovation.
Customer Success

Elevate your client relationships to partnerships, providing value-driven solutions that ensure mutual growth and satisfaction.

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