Our Story

Our mission is to provide automated solutions that take the hassle out of manual tasks, letting businesses focus on growth and innovation.

Intelligent process automation is changing how we do things at work. Small businesses all over the world are ditching tedious manual tasks to work smarter, save money, and see the big picture of what they’re doing from start to finish.

Founded in 2019 with one big mission: To make people’s work lives easier by getting rid of all that boring manual stuff and letting them focus on what they’re great at. We make user friendly software that is packed full of best in class technology, yet simple to understand.

Typically, AI driven software has been designed for super large enterprises. High barriers to entry and crazy ongoing costs meant that the business that really need efficiency, have been overlooked. SmartOffice set about changing that with practical problem-solving software.

As a start-up that’s growing fast ourselves, we get how important it is to be able to move quickly and grow without getting bogged down. Having strong automated processes helps us keep up in busy, competitive markets.

We work hard but take time to celebrate the wins. We’re all about making sure everyone on our team loves what they do every day. We’re open, down-to-earth, and always put our customers first. We’re curious, we love getting things done, and we’re constantly working together to be better. Yeah, we mess up sometimes, but we see it as a chance to learn, grow and do better for our customers.

Mostly we’re customer obsessed, and the overall goal is to make products that they love

We’re a small but growing company, so relationships are really important to us. We pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships we’ve developed with customers, based on mutual respect, understanding and a commitment to a shared vision.

Paul Martin
CEO, SmartOffice

Our Core Values


We’re constantly exploring innovative methods to transform manual tasks into automated efficiency, ensuring Accounts Payable teams achieve smarter workflows.

People Focussed

Getting it right for our customers, team, resellers, and stakeholders is key. We’re all about their success and making sure they’re more than just satisfied.

Reliability and Honesty

Trust is everything to us. We keep our word, so our clients can rely on us to elevate their Accounts Payable processes with complete transparency.


We think advanced automation shouldn’t be a luxury. Our affordable solutions mean every business, big or small, gets to be on top of their game.


Our solutions are designed to enhance capabilities, ensuring peak performance with the help of advanced automated technology.


We believe in keeping it simple. Our products are built on the idea that even the trickiest tasks can be simplified with our automated solutions.

No more manually processing and reconciling suppliers invoices.