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General Questions

Who are SmartOffice?

SmartOffice is dedicated to simplifying work lives by eliminating tedious manual tasks, allowing people to focus on their strengths. Our user-friendly software combines top-tier technology with simplicity, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Unlike traditional AI-driven software, which often targets large enterprises with high costs, SmartOffice provides practical, efficient solutions designed for businesses that need them most. As a rapidly growing start-up, we understand the importance of agility and scalability in today’s competitive markets. Our robust automated processes are crafted to help businesses move quickly and grow seamlessly.

How does eliminating paper processes save my company money?
  • Material and Storage Costs: Eliminating paper saves on expenses for printing, ink, and physical storage space.
  • Efficiency Gains: Digital processes are faster and more accessible, reducing time spent on tasks so you can focus on your core business.
  • Error Reduction: Digital systems minimize mistakes like misfiling or loss.
  • Workflow Automation: Tasks can be automated, speeding up processes.
  • Collaboration Improvement: Digital documents enable easier team collaboration.
  • Environmental Benefits: Going paperless aligns with sustainability goals.
  • Compliance Risk Reduction: Digital systems offer stricter controls, lowering compliance risks and associated costs.

AP Automation Questions

What is AP Automation?
Accounts Payable (AP) Automation revolutionises the traditional AP process by digitising and automating tasks such as printing and mailing paper invoices, matching to purchase orders and goods receipts notes, as well as supplier statement reconciliation. This modernisation accelerates payment cycles, enhances reconciliation accuracy, and fortifies defences against fraudulent activities. By embracing AP automation, organisations can not only save on costs but most importantly, reallocate resources to more value-generating tasks.
Does my supplier need to do anything?
The only requirement on your suppliers is they send their invoices, credit notes and statements to your dedicated email address.
Can the solution scale with my business?
Yes, the SmartOffice platform is designed for businesses of all sizes. We have Micro Companies, SME’s, Large Enterprises and Public Sector departments using our software.
I run a small business, is AP Automation for me?

Small businesses often have limited resources and personnel, making manual processes more burdensome. AP automation streamlines these processes, freeing up time and resources that can be better allocated to growing the business.

AP automation is a viable and beneficial solution for any sized business. Removing manual processes reduces errors and saves time. An SME’s payment process needs to be able to grow as the business grows. AP automation processes are scalable, while manual processes typically require additional hires.

What happens to our existing accounting software?
It stays the same…but different. It gets superpowers! Our AP automation software will seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP. Once integrated, the automated AP platform will receive information from the ERP, such as active vendors, purchase orders, and invoices and will be able to automatically post transactions to your ERP.
Will I lose some control over payments with AP automation?

No. You will actually gain more control over your payments with AP automation.

An automated AP system gives you full visibility of the invoice activity 24/7, which is greater access than manual handwritten ledgers, excel sheets or limited access finance software. In addition, workflow and approval processes are enhanced and can be executed from anywhere. You have better control over cash flow and timing of supplier payments that allow you to maximize early payment discounts wherever possible.

How many users can I have?
Unlimited users!

PO Pro Questions

What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A Purchase Order is a formal document sent from a buyer to a supplier authorizing the purchase of specific products or services under defined terms and conditions.

What is a purchase requisition?
A purchase requisition is an internal document or request initiated to express a need for goods or services. It’s reviewed and approved before converting into a PO.
What happens if a supplier rejects my Purchase Order?
You’ll be notified of the rejection. Contact the supplier to understand the reasons and adjust the PO as necessary.
Who approves purchase requisitions?
Requisitions are approved by department heads, managers, or designated committees, depending on your organization’s configured workflow.
How do I track the status of my Purchase Order or requisition?
The system allows real-time tracking of POs and requisitions, showing statuses like pending approval, approved, rejected, or sent.
Can I attach other documents to my Purchase Order or Requisition?
Yes, the system supports attaching documents such as quotes, specifications, or contracts to both POs and requisitions.
What is the approval process for Purchase Orders and requisitions?
The system allows configuring approval workflows, typically involving submission, review, and approval by designated approvers based on set rules.
Can I report on Purchase Order and requisition activity?
Utilize the system’s reporting tools to generate reports on spending, supplier performance, and order statuses.
What security measures are in place to protect information?
The system includes security features like data encryption, authentication, and role-based access controls.
Can multiple users access and manage Purchase Orders and requisitions?
Yes, the system allows access to multiple users with different permissions to create, approve, and manage documents based on their roles.
How do I set up recurring Purchase Orders?
You can set up recurring POs by specifying the items that are regularly ordered

Integration Questions

Will SmartOffice work with our accounting and financial software?

Yes, SmartOffice can be connected to most accounting systems. The platform has over 40 direct integrations with. We also create custom exports and imports in CSV or XLS for all viable systems.

Can I request a custom integration?
Yes, if we haven’t worked with your system before, we are happy to look at bespoke integration.
Can you integrate with other software?

We have integrations with POS systems, inventory management systems, logistics systems and many other vertical software systems.

No more manually processing and reconciling suppliers invoices.