Effortless purchase order processing

PO Pro is the intuitive, dynamic, and powerful solution for easy purchase order processing.

PO Pro

How it works

Automate and simplify your entire purchasing process and say good bye to overspending and delays
Requisition to Approval

Enable all users to requisition goods and services faster and easier.

Ensure that your orders are auto matched for single or split deliveries.
Automated Approvals
Increase invoice approvals for faster payments and fewer supplier queries.

Trusted by all types of businesses

Business critical documents

Ensure your PO requisition includes all necessary backup documentation.
Provide supporting quotations, product specifications, and preferred supplier details with your request.
Simplify decision-making and ensure your needs are met perfectly.

Multi-Stage Approvals

Stay in control with flexible multi-stage approval processes.
Let requisitions find the right approver automatically.
Keep financial transactions transparent and efficient, without delays.

Elevate SmartOffice suite with Debit Note

Say goodbye to credit management chaos! Seamlessly record, track, and manage everything in one system. Keep your credit notes, POs, invoices, and all documents perfectly organized with full history and audit trails. Simplify your finances with this all-in-one solution!

Dynamic Reporting

Keep track of your spending with reports tailored to your needs.
Understand where your costs come from and manage them effectively.
Customise reports to fit different types of purchase orders, such as Capex, Opex, Recurring, or Standard.

Budget Management

Take charge of your budget by allocating costs effectively.
Ensure budget holders are notified promptly for approval.
Stay on top of your spending with clear visibility into monthly, year-to-date, and annual budgets.

Never go over-budget with simple spend management

Features & Benefits

Say goodbye to bad purchasing practices

Data capture without manual entry
Customizable order numbers
Tracking of spend per contract, project or department
Template orders for frequently purchased items
Variety of order types supported; expense, capital expenditure, & more
Easy integration of new suppliers, products and services
The process is streamlined, more secure and future proof. We don’t misplace invoices as everything is electronic and everything is timestamped, so we know who approved what and when. We’ve also been able to remove twelve boxes of old invoices!

Aideen Greene
Financial Controller, Label Tech.

The beauty of dealing with a company like SmartOffice is that systems can be tailored and scaled to focus on our size of industry. The construction industry regulations are constantly improving, and we believe that in the future it will be a requirement to provide lot number traceability for all critical materials/products used. Smart Office is a simple, more cost-effective approach for our industry type.

Annmarie Crinion
EQHS Manager, GCR

We chose SmartOffice because they have a very highly customisable product that suited our needs. We needed something that wasn't just out of the box, it was a product that could be customised to our needs. So, after a lot of due diligence on the different options, that’s the one we chose.

Brendan Mulcahy
Financial Controller, Hunt Office

Questions? We have answers.

What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A Purchase Order is a formal document sent from a buyer to a supplier authorizing the purchase of specific products or services under defined terms and conditions.

What is a purchase requisition?
A purchase requisition is an internal document or request initiated to express a need for goods or services. It’s reviewed and approved before converting into a PO.
What happens if a supplier rejects my Purchase Order?
You’ll be notified of the rejection. Contact the supplier to understand the reasons and adjust the PO as necessary.
Who approves purchase requisitions?
Requisitions are approved by department heads, managers, or designated committees, depending on your organization’s configured workflow.
How do I track the status of my Purchase Order or requisition?
The system allows real-time tracking of POs and requisitions, showing statuses like pending approval, approved, rejected, or sent.
Can I attach other documents to my Purchase Order or Requisition?
Yes, the system supports attaching documents such as quotes, specifications, or contracts to both POs and requisitions.
What is the approval process for Purchase Orders and requisitions?
The system allows configuring approval workflows, typically involving submission, review, and approval by designated approvers based on set rules.
Can I report on Purchase Order and requisition activity?
Utilize the system’s reporting tools to generate reports on spending, supplier performance, and order statuses.
What security measures are in place to protect information?
The system includes security features like data encryption, authentication, and role-based access controls.
Can multiple users access and manage Purchase Orders and requisitions?
Yes, the system allows access to multiple users with different permissions to create, approve, and manage documents based on their roles.
How do I set up recurring Purchase Orders?
You can set up recurring POs by specifying the items that are regularly ordered
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